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Michael J. Faust DVM

Michael J. Faust DVM

Michael J. Faust, DVM is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in the 1979 class.He decided that he wanted to be a veterinarian when he was 12 years old. He continued to dream of this through high school and 8 years at L.S.U.

Dr. Faust was in the third class of a new school of veterinary medicine at L.S.U. He is a member of the Phi Zeta honors society. He was able to accomplish this goal through extreme interest in animals and medicine and by studying unusually hard. Dr. Faust realizes that pets are truly family members, and that treating pets also helps their owners.

He has practiced at Faust Veterinary Hospital since his graduation. It is the mission Dr.Faust and Faust Veterinary Hospital to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine and surgery at an affordable fee.





Dr. Faust has had a love for animals all of his life. He and his father raised chickens in New Orleans and sold their eggs in the neighborhood. The sale of the eggs paid for his first 4 years of college at Louisiana State University.

The practice of veterinary medicine is not a career, but rather a way of life for Dr. Faust. He has been practicing for 33 years and has no plans to retire.

In practice, Dr. Faust treats dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals. His mission is to achieve excellence in small animal medicine and surgery. He attends education seminars on small animal medicine and surgery every year.

Dr. Faust has seen quite a number of diseases in 33 years of practice. He feels that his practice is never boring because every case is different and new illnesses are frequently diagnosed.
He is very anxious to help and protect his patients and owners and feels the same about new patients and pet owners

Faust Veterinbary Hospital


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Boarding details:

Faust Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for dogs, cats and exotic animals. We have an in-door/out-door facility. There is no need to bring food with your pet; we serve all Science Diet products. We recommend bringing anything else to make your pet more comfortable, such as, favorite blanket, toys and treats. You can pick up/drop off your pet anytime between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays from 7:00am till Noon. We do not offer Sunday pick up/drop off. Call for a reservation today 985-649-0660.

Helpful Information for Pet Owners:

The following is a checklist you can use to help discover many potential pet health problems before they become serious (and unnecessarily expensive). Contact Dr. Faust for guidance if you answer “NO” to any of the following points about your pet’s behavior or appearance.

Your pet should:

act normal - be active and in good spirits
have a normal appetite with no difficulty in chewing or swallowing
breath normally, without coughing or straining
urinate in the usual amounts and with normal frequency without straining
have normal appearing bowel movements without straining
walk without stiffness, pain, or difficulty
have healthy looking feet and nails
have healthy looking skin and a full glossy coat free from flakes
be free from fleas, ticks, lice, mites, hot spots, and open sores
have ears that are clean and do not have an offensive odor
not frequently paw or shake head
have bright, clear eyes free of matter & discharge
have a moist nose free of discharge
have gums that are pink with no redness, and a non-offensive breath odor

not have offensive body odor, no lumps or bumps, and should not indicate any pain or undue sensitivity when being touched or petted


Watch for:

Excessive thirst or hunger
Weight gain or loss with no change in diet or exercise regimen
Pet is seemingly lethargic, confused, or has loss of coordination

Be sure to Contact Dr. Faust at the 1st sign any of these 3 conditions

I'm so tired


Rescue Efforts by Faust Veterinary Hospital in Slidell

Dr. Faust works with Mr. Sam Bailey at the Pontchartrain Humane Society and has "Amazingly" helped to rescue over 2,000 animals over the past 7 years. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please go to their website at

In House Diagnostics & Services

The hospital provides extensive diagnostic work-up with in-house analysis of a patient's blood, x-ray production, endoscopy, and cardiology

Dr. Faust provides low cost spaying and neutering of your pets as well as low cost vaccinations. He also performs more involved surgeries such as repair of fractured bones. Our goal is to provide Slidell residents with the highest quality veterinary medicine and surgery.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 985-649-0660.

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